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Who we are

Welcome to MINA

The Mindfulness Institute of Namibia was started in the hearts of Iani and Suzi long before it was formally launched in 2020. With the aim of sharing their love for, and belief in the practice of mindfulness in the area of stress reduction and management; reduction, understanding and management of stress-related physical and physiological conditions.

MINA focuses on a diverse spectrum of mindfulness practices as tools for individuals – adults and children – and businesses – small and corporate, to manage stress, and incorporate into their daily lives to maintain a healthy mind-body state. The effects of stress can be treated, and future stressful situations managed with ‘tools’ that are easy to learn, adaptable to all ages and require no special equipment to keep practice on a daily basis.

What others say about us

“It exceeded my expectations – it has truly given me immense insight into the self & others, a deeper understanding. I am really looking forward to experiencing my growth as this will be my lifestyle moving forward.”


“I felt softened to myself and others. Becoming more mindful of what is good for. The space was spacious, comfortable, open, safe and welcoming.”


“It completely changed my life.”


“Excellent tools to help me grow and evolve. I saw huge improvements in my moods & depression the more I practiced the techniques.”


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34 Blohm St, Windhoek